Why VCs are the Future of Job Search

Are you an independent contractor? Do you have a side hustle (or three)? Do you own your own business? If yes, definitely keep reading. If not, keep reading because this may apply to you in the future! What are VCs and why are they are the future of job search?

Simply put, VCs, or verifiable credentials, leverage blockchain technology (the technology behind decentralized databases) to verify that credentials are valid, without revealing the actual data. No personal data (PII) should ever be put on the blockchain, as it can never be altered or deleted. However, the proof of verification can and should live on the ledger, but why?

Why is this important to job search?

VCs are the future of job search because they enable individuals to prove they are who they say they are and own that information, and also choose what verified information to share and with whom.

Consider this example:

You own and operate a small digital marketing firm. You are onboarding new clients and want to share with them the following items: your business license and educational credentials. Should you:

A. Make and keep copies of these credentials and send a PDF copy to each potential client?

B. Only send these sensitive docs upon request?

C. Send verification of the credentials that prove that what you are saying is true?

“A” is the old school way and is dreadfully insecure. You are freely giving away information that could be used to impersonate your business or even yourself. “B” cuts down the risks posed by “A” but doesn’t eliminate them entirely. You are still giving away PII.

We vote for “C”.

The same is true for owning your own plumbing business. You are entering a stranger’s home and you are yourself… a stranger. How do you build trust with your new clients? How do you reasonably show that you are licensed, insured, and have a clean criminal background? VCs!

As we navigate a constantly evolving digital world and Web 3.0, verifiable credentials are the future.

We created our Thrivacy wallet with your Privacy in mind. Our digital wallet houses your VCs and is only accessible via your mobile device. Our technology leverages blockchain and cryptography to verify credentials and we take it a step further and delete your PII once verified. Your PII doesn’t live on a server and isn’t hackable. What’s left is proof of well… you.

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Originally published at https://www.thrivacy.io.



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